Monday, April 30, 2012

to the zoo z zoo.

L. Pirate is obsessed with this Barney at the Zoo show. We watch it twice a day -at least- and have for the last several weeks. Enough times, in other words, that I basically have every song memorized and Hubby and I decided we should take this babe totally grown-up toddler to the zoo.

The verdict: He loved it. He meowed at the monkeys, and tried to catch the "pishes" in the grizzly exhibit. He roared at the lions and the moose. The giraffe tongues made him a teensy bit nervous. He squealed "Wee!" "Wee!!" "Weeeeee!" on the carrousel and cried when it was over. In other words: the day was a total success.

Two stories:

We had him wearing a little backpack-leash, and Hubby was holding onto the end when we passed this little girl, she was probably four. She stopped in her tracks, and turned her body around to watch L. Pirate. Then she asked, "Can I try walking him for awhile?"

While Hubby and L. Pirate were in line for the carrousel, I was packing up our water and snacks on a bench. A little boy passing by with his dad pointed to me and asked, "What's that?" and I heard his dad say, "That's a mommy." And my heart swelled a little bit. Because that fact still fills me, brimming, with gratitude. I get to be a mommy.


Laurie said...

The zoo is so fun! And those two stories were awesome!!!

Aunt Merrilee said...

What a fun trip! I love the stories. What a neat dad to say "a mommy" instead of just saying a "lady". We are all so thankful that you are a mommy. And an awesome on too!! But you had an awesome one to teach you.