Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a big boy bed

About the very minute Hubby got home from work last night we all hopped in the truck for a trip to American Furniture to pick up a "big boy bed" mattress for our little crib-escaping toddler, then a quick stop to grab some sheets and a waterproof mattress mat. 

We came home, moved the bedroom furniture around, swept and mopped the floor, took the toys to the toy closet, set the bed all up and prayed that the night wouldn't be too much of a fiasco. Neither one of us were expecting this little child-of-ours to actually stay in his bed for more than 30 seconds time. We even put a child-safety-knob on the inside of the door so at least he wouldn't be able to leave his room. We went through the bedtime routine: read him his books, said family prayers, said his prayer, sang him a song, laid him down with cow and blanket, kissed his little forehead and closed the door -fingers crossed.

About seven minutes later he started calling for us. And calling. And calling. And calling. So I poked my head in to find my sweet child stark naked, covered in poop, diaper tossed aside and sheets a mess. (I dealt with this very same scene at nap time that day, and two other times in the last four or five days. Hubby wasn't quite as prepared for the scene.) Hubby showered him off while I changed the sheets, mopped the floor, inspected his slew of stuffed animal friends -and the children's My First Book of Mormon he insists on having in bed with him every night- for well, you know what. I safety pinned the zipper on his pajamas so he couldn't strip himself naked again, and we tried again. 

Success!! My friends the sweet angel child slept the whole entire night in his own bed. Around five we heard a pretty solid clunk. He'd fallen off the mattress (6" off the ground) and was howling, holding his head. I laid back down with him & fell back to sleep with him until 7 this morning. Glorious!! 

Good job my little Bubba! 


Laurie said...

Woohoo!! Except for the poop episode, that sounds like a perfect night!

Amy said...

Yay!! Sleeping through the whole night, what a champ! Sounds like he made up for getting poop everywhere.

My little Bub slept almost the whole night too! Wahoo! (9 ish till just before 5.)

Aunt Merrilee said...

What a precious story. I miss that little pirate! I am so thrilled he likes his new bed! Maybe he didn't have enough room and that is why he used to wake up! You probably need to put some kind of rug on the floor beside his bed. But he probably won't do that too many times. He will remember.

Mandy & Brian said...

Yahoo Will!! You are so big! Miss you guys!