Wednesday, September 19, 2012

what we've been up to lately

Remember when I had time to blog every day? I fear those days are long gone. Instead I come up with these dump 100 pictures into a post and let them do all the talking. Not today.

1. The Little Pirate turned two! The "party" was not decorated the way I wanted it to be, the way I envisioned. It just didn't happen. I didn't plan well enough. I didn't have time to plan well enough. This sweet little boy had pushed me to my very, very limit in the week leading up to his birthday. (His new favorite thing to do? Strip naked and throw his poopy diapers across rooms.) Also Hubby was off hunting for part of the week, and my parents flew into town just in time for the "party." 

2. I did make the cake. From scratch. And I did make some awesome gluten-free, maple syrup in place of sugar, pumpkin cookies that were divine that didn't make me feel too bad about missing out on the cake. We had thai food on the way home from the air port for dinner & came home to sing Happy Birthday to the little guy & then let him open presents. He got quite a lot of awesome things!! His favorite was this large Tow-Mater truck that he can push and bubbles come out. It sounds like it has a real truck engine in there which is the downside. It's been banished to the basement for the sake of my sanity & it will make reappearances at times when I really need him to be playing and not hanging on my body or otherwise demanding my full attention. 

3. My parents came for a long weekend & we had so. much. fun! We went to the park (where my dad swung, climbed, and slid with the Pirate -much to our amusement, and Pirate's sheer delight.) We also took a fishing trip/ picnic, played with play dough, read books, watched "Woody!" aka Toy Story, and got locked out of our house for an hour. Oops.

4. And I started my next class. Topics in Holistic Nutrition. The class started Monday and I'm already one and a half days behind, so I really ought to go get to it. Maybe I'll have a couple more minutes next week?


Laurie said...

You're a busy mama! LOVE the pictures!!

Aunt Merrilee said...

I love the cake.It's adorable. He got a tricycle! He will go crazy when he gets good at it. He can disappear in seconds! Glad your folks had fun with Will. Wish I could have been there. Next month!! And I will expect pumpkin cookies when I come!!

jenny said...

Darling cake! I'm proud of you!!

wendy said...

Happy birthday to your sweet little boy. I bet it was wonderful having your family visit. !!!