Monday, September 10, 2012

a sad (and slightly terrifying) day

Yesterday we put the Pirate down for his nap. He fussed for a little bit, but then was quiet. We assumed he'd just fallen asleep a little faster than normal... until about four minutes later when his little feet came pounding down the hallway. His smile was ear to ear. Triumph!

We took him back to his crib, and told him to "show us" how he could get out. He instantly pulled himself up against the bar, swung one leg over the edge, then the other leg, then hanging from the side with both arms dropped to the floor. That was when he busted out his jazz hands (which he learned from Blue's Clues) and said, "Ta-da!!"

So the game has changed.

Time for a toddler bed.

Why does he have to be growing up this fast??


wendy said...

I loved this reminded me of my kids (especially #2, how he'd always get out of his crib)
Yup...your baby is growing right before your eyes

Aunt Merrilee said...

I am really surprised it took him this long! But life as you have known it will never be the same!! Good luck getting him to take naps and go to bed. Now is when you turn your doorknobs around!!

Kazzy said...

I admit I laughed at the "ta da!"

Laurie said...

Jazz hands. I love it.

Toddler beds aren't that bad... Once they realize that staying in their room is just as essential as staying in their crib was. :S