Thursday, March 7, 2013

how is it thursday already?

I still haven't been to the gym.

Pirate is sick.

It's always something, right?

Last night my poor babe was all fevered up and as we sat down to eat dinner, he looked at me and said, "I sleep with Mommy." Which translates to: I'm not hungry, I just want to go to sleep and I want you to lay next to me. So I went and laid next to him for a minute. He hugged me, and said, "Aww, I love you." Then he rolled over and was out. It was the sweetest thing, really. He's never told me he loves me all on his own before.

Around 9:00, when I was ready to go to bed, he woke up. We were up all night, just the two of us. He watched Barney and I read Sense and Sensibility.

At some point I fell asleep in the chair and he started calling for me.

"Mommy, Mommy!"

And I'm guessing he interrupted a dream because I had temporarily forgotten that I was a mom, and the realization that I'm the mom. That's me he's calling for. I'm responsible for his well being... It freaked me out a little bit. How did I get to be a mom? How did I get to be a grown up? Wasn't I just walking the halls of good ol' MHS? My biggest concern a test to take or what I was going to do on Friday night?

Strange, isn't it?

When Hubs and I were very first dating we were sitting outside one night and he told me, "I have so much fun with you. If I keep hanging around with you, one of these mornings I'm going to wake up and be 30." I was 22 at the time. I'm 30 now. And it feels like yesterday.


jenny said...

I think this is incredibly sweet. Yes, I've had moments where I look at my kids and think, "I'm their MOM!!" It's unbelievable, really.

Hope the little babe feels better soon...

Aunt Merrilee said...

I am so sad that he is sick but what a precious moment he gave you. He will always want you when he is sick. Hope he gets well really soon. And you get some much needed sleep.

Jenny Lynn said...

It is a terrible thing when our children are sick. I really hope that he is feeling better now.