Sunday, September 15, 2013

on a sunday

We've had gentle on and off rain today. The sky is overcast, and it's one of the first days I've felt a nip of autumn in the air. I felt it a few days ago, too.* It's nice. The cool crispness. Last week, and for the last several weeks, the heat has been oppressive -mid-90s for both temperature and humidity, with not so much as a whisper of a wind to bring any kind of relief. Even the trees and plants sag, and look miserable. Speaking of the trees, they're just beginning to turn yellow. At least the ones surrounding our church building. The ones in our yard are hanging onto their green, and the ones in the neighbors' yards are holding up strong against about three tons of delicious-looking apples.

I'm excited about fall. You know me, I love pumpkin everything. Mmm! But I'm also nervous about the winter. People talk about it as though its something truly formidable. They tell me we can go six or more weeks without so much as seeing a peek of sunshine. They use phrases like "bone-chilling" to describe it. All my instincts are telling me to stock up on everything so I can just hole myself in and hibernate through it.

Today has been a good day. I was watching Hubs and Pirate play trains this morning, and thinking that these are some good times. While we were getting ready for church, we caught Pirate trying to comb his own hair, and getting annoyed that he couldn't get his hair to stay down. I watched Hubs take the comb and finish the job while Pirate made faces into the mirror. I thought to myself again, these are some good, good times.

Church was good. Though, honestly, I didn't pay full attention. My thoughts and mind have been wandering so much lately. Today, mostly, on how adorable my "baby" boy is. How big he's getting. The fact that he's 3 this week. Three! I was sick this week. A cold knocked me out of commission this week, and it left Hubs having to pick up a lot of slack. I must get better at pulling my share of the load. He's got enough to juggle.

Anyway, today, mostly, I am thankful for my little family, for our love of the gospel, for our Savior.

*So, a couple weeks ago I invited our neighbor woman to stop over sometime when it was a good time for Pirate to play with her kids. I was on the tail-end of that cold. I could have gotten dressed n' such that day -but I didn't. I was in my glasses and pajamas, sans make-up when she knocked on my door. I'm pretty sure I hadn't even run a brush through my hair that day and I know I was in the middle of a tv show when she showed up at my door, inviting us to her house. Mm-hmm. Of course she'd show up when we were in that slummy state. We thanked her, dressed and readied ourselves, and went over. She and I sat in lawn chairs, visiting while the kids played. It was very nice!

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