Monday, November 4, 2013

facebook hiatus

Throughout the first stage of this pregnancy, while I was in my survival mode, I found myself checking Facebook about 5x more than usual. I realized I was wasting a lot of time scrolling through status updates, but didn't really care because what else did I have to do? Watch whole seasons of TV shows? I'd done that. Get lost in literature? I'd done that too. Facebook was truly the lesser of the evils.

Then a couple weeks ago I emerged from that first part of pregnancy when nausea, fatigue, and hunger are my constant companions. I realized that Facebook has become a habit. I feel perfectly fine checking in on Facebook once or even twice a day, but 30 times a day? Not okay for me. There is so, SO much more I could be doing. 

So yesterday I deleted the app from my phone, and signed out of my account, and... 

I went to church, made some granola, took a three hour nap, did the dishes, worked on a lesson, and started reading Jesus the Christ. Which adds up to, not a bad start. 

But... I also went to the computer at least 5 times out of habit, was on the grumpy side much of the day, and scrolled through Hubs page when he left it up. So... not a great start either.

Wish me luck.

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Laurie said...

Seriously, it's so addicting!! I've found that it's really more of a coping mechanism when the rest of life isn't grand. But, like you, I'm not on it as much when life is more normal.