Sunday, November 10, 2013

potty training: it's misery -part one

*As a side: Pirate loves the word "misery." He learned it from watching Mickey and the Beanstalk. He uses it semi-accurately and I have to laugh every time. To him things are either "misery" or "Happy Balley" -he can't make the 'v' sound yet.

It was April/May this year when this Pirate of mine started becoming very interested in doing his business on the toilet. A friend had given us a toddler toilet, and seeing that little green toilet had him very interested. So he -more or less- taught himself how to use it.

Maybe I should have jumped on his interest, but I didn't. He was being successful enough that I did go buy some big kid training pants and undies. I let him wear them sometimes when I felt like it was safe to let him. He really seemed to be ready, but I knew I wasn't. For one: he was a long ways from 3 and everyone I know with boys warned me against even trying to potty train before 3. Their warnings about this came with the same urgency and sincerity that first time mom's get when they're told: Sleep while you still can!!!  

If that was all I might have ignored their warnings and given it a shot. However, we were a month or so away from one 8 hour road trip that would be quickly followed by a three-day cross-country move. I had horrifying mental images of having to scrub out accident stained car seats in small, smelly gas station bathrooms. Plus, having to pull over every couple hours or so to accommodate the bladder requirements of a 2 year old seemed like more than I wanted to deal with. So we waited.

Fast forward a bit.

We'd been here almost a month and I decided it was time. Pirate and I had a talk, we went to Target and bought a whole new set of training pants and undies (our first set was lost in the move) and stickers and a chart and I was determined that we were going to get. this. thing. done.

At the register, swiping my card, I had this thought: This box of diapers is surely the last box I'll ever have to buy for him! How exciting! This potty training thing won't possibly take more than a week or two...


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Laurie said...

Oh, how many boxes of diapers have I bought, saying, "This MUST be the last one!"

I've finally learned that nothing will happen until THEY say, "Mom, where's my potty? I wanna go potty?" Charlotte has zero interest, as of yet. ZERO. But like you, I'm okay with it because we'll be moving sometime in the next couple months!