Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Life is rolling forward. Fast. It's MAY. I think it's been more than a month since I've written, and I feel bad about that. So many moments slipped away unrecorded and therefore unremembered.

My favorite things right now: Baby still had only four teeth and his grins are just too cute. Sometimes he laughs, and that is the best. Well. My absolute favorite is when he's getting a little tired and he comes and finds me, and when I pick him up her sticks his thumb in his mouth and lays his head on my shoulder, curling his opposite arm around my neck. If he can, he plays with my hair. It's so sweet.

He's climbing on everything and into everything and I pulled him off a shelf in the pantry today. He likes to help himself to the applesauce cups. He punches holes in the top with his teeth and then sucks the applesauce out. He thinks he's so cool.

A few weeks ago, I heard a noise coming from the pantry, so I opened the door to find him on the floor, the tub of animal crackers between his legs, and about five in each fist and his cheeks bulging. He gave me this startled look followed by his best smile ever.

Pirate, in the meantime, is doing well. Still feeling a pinch of jealousy I think. I get WAY more "look at me, mom!" and "I need some mom-time." than normal, and it's exhausting. But, he's doing well in school. He's reading three letter, short a words -and super proud of himself for it.

We started swim lessons as well. Poor kid. He's near a full panic in the water. We'll need help getting though this, as in: pray for him and me please and thank you.

Hubs had surgery last week. He cannot move his left arm, he's not supposed to lift anything and he cannot drive -so things have been interesting lately. It's a little (maybe a lot) like having an extra kid all the sudden. But at least a potty-trained one that can wipe himself and (mostly) feed himself, etc.

(As a side note: As SOON as Pirate can put his undies on without needing to sit on my bathroom floor, he's learning to wipe himself because seriously. It's time.)

And just to add to this FUN HOUSE we just bought a puppy.

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Laurie said...

So I tried to comment, but it didn't let me.... But I said you have such a crazy, fun life! :)