Friday, January 27, 2012

a p&p kind of day...

Today is the kind of day that makes me just want to curl up on the couch and watch Pride and Prejudice. Which is exactly what I am doing. To heck with the house. It's been a long week. Tuesday alone counts for two days, and today might count for three.

I'm not exactly sure what L. Pirate's deal is today, but he's mostly been clinging to my leg, and pitching tired fits. Maybe it's the five-thirty-in-the-morning wake-up schedule he's adopted? Or perhaps he's just picking up my mood today, which I've got to admit is less than cheerful.

Last night we went to see a house. A house I was immediately in love with. L-O-V-E. Ideal back yard. Ideal lot. Ideal Master Bedroom... And we left the house with the Realtor doing his Realtor thing... and he got back to us, after I had already imagined my herb garden growing in the window sill, and a nice shade of carmel in the kitchen... to tell us there's a bidding war on that particular house at the moment -which moves it just about two inches out of our reach. I seriously almost cried. I even called Megan, My Mom, and Kem to lament this disappointment, and I'm still sad about it... And what's more, it would have been in a good friend's ward. A ward that meets in the morning, when L. Pirate is still a happy little camper and not smack in the middle of his nap schedule. *cry*

Secondly, Hubby offered to take me out for Thai last night, because he knows that I have been craving it for a good two weeks now... and I turned him down. I turned him down because I was supposed to have it for lunch today with a friend of mine... Totally excited for this little date, I'd already gone to the place's site and had an order ready! I took time getting ready (I saved an outfit for today), even bothering with jewelry! I put L. Pirate in his cutest clothes and was literally out the door when I noticed I'd missed a call on my phone. A call canceling our lunch date. Which left L. Pirate impatient at the door, and me impatient in the kitchen.

We ate peaches and string cheese for lunch.

So, this afternoon, I've done the essential housework, taken my end-of-week test for school, and now I'm watching Darcy snub Elizabeth, because Darcy and Elizabeth never disappoint.

You know what else never disappoints? Popcorn. Buttered popcorn.

Have a good weekend my friends!


Cara said...

Oh my gosh...that sucks about the Thai food date - I love Thai food, don't eat it enough :(.

You deserve some Mr Darcy time, enjoy it!

wendy said...

that would be so disappointing to have the house you fell in love with, not work out for you.
I hate it when I get my heart set on something, just to have a baseball bat crush it to pieces.

I hope you get your Thai food
and find another house to fall in love with...
for now. you are soothing yourself most appropriately. Hope you are in your jammies and No makeup on.

Momza said...

Diana and I went to Thai Mint today! Wish I'd known you were free and ready to go out for lunch, I'd have called you!
About the house--is it in our ward?

Laurie said...

Heather, I'm so sorry about the house!! I know exactly what you're going through!!! I hope your wait ends soon!

Merrilee said...

Sorry about the house and the lunch. I never turn down a chance for dinner with my hubby. Even if I know I will be eating it for lunch the next day!!! Your dream house will appear, I know it will.