Friday, March 15, 2013

on my mind

*Just found out my SIL is coming to visit us this summer. (I'm so excited for this! Can't wait!)

*Just signed up for my first ever 5K, to take place this summer. (I think I might be crazy.)

*We are moving this summer. (Again.)

*We don't know where. (Delicious Ambiguity.)

*I need to plan how I am going to celebrate the First Day of Spring this year. (I'm thinking lunch at Jason's Deli.) (I am not planning a party.)

*I have to teach RS on Sunday. (Not ready for this at all.)

*I have to give a public speech next month. (Not ready for this either.)

*I have to get my website up and running soon, like before mid-April. (Only 50% done with this.)

*I may or may not be leaving town next week. (Wish the travel agent would get back to us.)

*I have nothing ready for Easter. (Shopping today?)

*There is stuff strewn from one end of my house to another. (Seriously, we're just living like pigs over here. I think I should call some friends this morning, so I'll clean.)

*The Pirate hanging on my arm and whining and crying because he's STILL not feeling well is getting beyond exhausting. (I might not let my visiting teachers in my house ever again.)

*Today is supposed to hit the 70s. (I am happy dancing. Also, we are going outside today.)


Momza said...

Lunch at Jason's next week? I say YES!

Cynthia said...

Sounds like a busy list...and don't worry, I think most of us live like "pigs" only we don't see it at others houses because 15 minutes before you arrive they were scurrying around hiding the mess :)